In 1948, The United Nation announced that all human beings have right to life but it seems the babies in pregnancy are excluded from the provision as cutting short of unborn babies life is legal in some nations of world. In essence, abortion of pregnancy according to Oxford dictionary, is the expulsion of foetus from womb before it is fully developed.

Firstly, the foremost consequence of an abortion is the risk of the mother’s life. Not every attempt on abortion are always successful. According to the World Health Organization, at least twenty two thousand, eight hundred females die annually from abortion. More worse in a country like Nigeria where abortion is constitutionally illegal, people would resort to locally made concortions which even if effective, might have a great side-effect, most times, not known to the users.

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Also, some drugs of abortion are so strong that some times, they do leave the womb badly affected. Such female might not be able to conceive anymore.

Lastly, if truly all life are equal, abortion of pregnancy should be regarded as an act of murder because a human soul is being cut short. It should be against normal thinking of human as to why people choose to risk their life on abortion when they can avoid that with a thirty naira condom. Thirty naira versus life naira. Abortion should never had been an option if condom has been deployed to avoid the unwanted pregnancy.

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Ibrahim Sofiyullaha Olaitan is a student of Biomedical Engineering who loves to speak in ink and lead (pencil). In spite being academically unpoetic, Olaitan believes Literature isn't only for the citizens of art alone but for all homo sapiens who would want their desires and fantasies lettered poetically.

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