American Gods : Season 2 Full Episodes (TV Series)

American Gods :

Released : 2017
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
Producers: Bryan Fuller, Michael Green
Stars: Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Bruce Langley
Score: 8 /10

Network: Starz
Synopsis:The American Gods series has a very different theme and deals with war between old and new gods. Old gods and their traditions all over the world are afraid of believing in new gods such as technology, money and stars, and their death is one of their worries in such a situation. Shado Moon, who wanders after his wife’s death, is a personal bodyguard called Mr. Wednesday, but Mr. Chaharshanbeh is not an ordinary person, but he’s a powerful old god, and he is going to build an army for his mission and his glory past To revive.

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American Gods.S02E02:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265

American Gods.S02E03:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265

American Gods.S02E04:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265

American Gods.S02E05:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265 

American Gods.S02E06:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265

American Gods.S02E07:   480p   |  720p  X265   |  720p   |  1080p x265

American Gods.S02E08:   480p   |  720p  X265   | 720p   |  1080p x265

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