My First Sight

My First Sight😍

It was in a party at a city of earth.

My eyes was presented before an idol. I can’t remember how well I felt

Of her eyes, a camera, so freshly sparkling!

A lens that can see future, gorgeously perfected to my liking.

Lemme not mention her voice, a tone of a devil.

A music! A melody! From a lady anointed by the heavens

She’s a cheat to humanity, a scam.

You look at her teeth. How to her mouth they were firmly stamped

White and pure, brighter than my florescent future…
My wish, my hope, my pleasure..

That we be together in our time of leisure…

She & I, Angel & dust, Moon & man

That she be my Khadijah & I promise to be a good Muhammad


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Written by Ibrahim Sofiyullaha

Ibrahim Sofiyullaha Olaitan is a student of Biomedical Engineering who loves to speak in ink and lead (pencil). In spite being academically unpoetic, Olaitan believes Literature isn't only for the citizens of art alone but for all homo sapiens who would want their desires and fantasies lettered poetically.

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