The Hymn

I want to believe you are a human
O very beautiful, O so lovely one
Your beauty take me through journey
A trip of two, a journey of no return
Your voice drives with subtlety
What is in you not to love…
O mistress of skinny legs
The central bank of beauty
O goddess of radiant eyes
Your complexion itself, an electricity
So terrifyingly shocking
A reservoir of men’s desires.
Very mystifyingly lovely
My non-alcoholic liquid that intoxicates
When you speak, one would believe you are singing
Her look poisons and suffocates
Even when she walks one would think that she dances
She’s the topic on earth and among angels above
She’s the half that’s perfect than a whole
But like a butter beside sun, a danger!
She’d better be enjoyed a far, a dagger!

HOT!   covEID-Mubarak: A Strange But Sparkling Salah.
About Ibrahim Sofiyullaha 10 Articles
Ibrahim Sofiyullaha Olaitan is a student of Biomedical Engineering who loves to speak in ink and lead (pencil). In spite being academically unpoetic, Olaitan believes Literature isn't only for the citizens of art alone but for all homo sapiens who would want their desires and fantasies lettered poetically.

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